Why Is Sanitation Important?


Sanitation is an important way of promoting good health and preventing diseases. It is the hygienic means of promoting good health through prevention of contact of hazards such as wastes.
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Sanitation is directly linked to the health of human beings and can prevent the dangerous spread of diseases. Poor sanitation is a major cause of disease with over half of the world's
You need to make sure that your genitalia never touches the food.
It is important to remember camp sanitation because you can easily get
I would think hygiene so you don't smell bad and sanitation so you don't get a illness.
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Why Is Sanitation Important?
Sanitation is the process of providing services and facilities which safely dispose of human waste and maintain public hygiene. This includes using clean and safe toilets, keeping water sources clean and disposing of garbage safely. Sanitation is a... More »
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Sanitation is important because without, people would come in contact with hazardous waste. Waste can cause chemical, microbial, and biological diseases.
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