Why Is SDLC Important?


SDLC or System Development Life Cycle is important because it describes the phases that a program developer has to follow to ensure success. The cycle consists of between four and seven steps that a programmer should adhere to in his work.
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Sldc is important because it breaks down the entire life cycle of software devvelopment thus make is easier to evaluate each part of software development and also makes it easier
Hi Shykhan, You are asking a very complex question which has a great many variables and is therefore very hard to answer. But to your first question, it is very important to know
Software life cycle (SDLC, software life cycle) is a software-generated until the end of life the life cycle, cycle, there are problem definition, feasibility analysis, a general
SDLC has a different stages and all are important from the point of view of their working for methodology and developing software. And main this the the word SDLC says it self "
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