Why Is Selective Breeding Useful to Farmers?


Farmers selectively breed crops and animals to enhance desirable traits for maximum produce. They cross-breed individuals that display such traits as fast growth, quick maturity and resistance to diseases.
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So they can enhance the best characteristics. For example, they may only breed the more "beefy" cows that produce more beef than the others. By breeding the beefy cows only
Selective breeding is used to get traits that you want in a bred
A pesticide, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is anything designed to prevent or mitigate the presence of, repel or outright destroy a local pest. This covers
helps produce only the helathiest and largest of animals for large amounts of produce for meat and other supplies. they only let the largest male and females mate, thereby producing
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Selective breeding in farming is whereby plants are selected for their particular traits. Selective breeding is useful to farmers in that they get to choose healthy seeds for planting which leads to healthy and strong plants.
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A farmer is an individual who engages in agriculture by cultivating land to raise food and raw materials or by breeding animals. Farmers are therefore important ...
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