Why is snow cold?


Snow is cold because it is formed by water crystals combining, a process that can only occur when the temperature falls to 35 degrees Fahrenheit or below. When the temperature is over 35 degrees Fahrenheit, the precipitation is made of sleet or rain.

The colder the temperature, the dryer and fluffier the snow is due to the smaller sized snowflakes. When temperatures are higher, the outside of the snow crystals begin to melt and the snow comes down in wetter, heavier and larger flakes. The crystals connect together differently depending on the temperature and humidity, leading to the unique shapes found among snowflakes.

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Snow is something that is commonly associated with cold and the winter. Snow is cold because it is simply frozen rain or water particles falling down from the sky.
Because for water to turn into snow it needs to cool down to 0 degrees celsius or less. If snow becomes warmer it will no longer be snow.
Snow is frozen water falling from the sky which makes it cold. Thanks!
Because we haven't really come up with anything to replace it with. The idea that snow and holly represent Christmas has been around for years and created so many recognisable symbols
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