Why Is Soil Important?


There are a number of reasons as to why soil is significant. It is a medium in which plants grow as well as a home for animals and other micro-organisms. It also influences the character of our local landscapes as well as preserves archaeological remains.
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Soil microbes are important for many reasons, but none compare to the extremely vital process of decomposition. Decomposition occurs when microbes break down large and complex organic
plants need nitrogen to grow thats why in ponds there is alot of plants cuz the nitrogen runs off from the fields!
Humus soil is important because it provides nutrients for plants and increases the
Plants differ with respect to their soil pH and nutrient needs. Soils vary considerably in their capability to meet a plant’s nutritional needs depending on factors such as
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Soil is an extremely important part of our environment in many ways. It is soil that provides a habitat for our plants to grow and live, and to many other organisms. Soil helps control the flow of water and other substances across the earth, and between the atmosphere and the earth. You can find more information here: http://www.snh.org.uk/publications/on-line/livinglandscapes/soils/important.asp
Soil is important because it has minerals in it that we need. It has minerals that help the plants grow, we eat the plants for nutrients. The soil helps the trees grow and they give off the oxygen we breathe.
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