Why Is Space Dark?


The space is dark because there is no nearby bright source of light, like the Sun, to hit molecules and scatter them in all directions so that we see color or because there are few molecules of matter that can reflect or scatter light. We see color because light is reflected back to our eyes by the objects we are looking at.
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We can only see light from what it's reflected off (planets, objects, the moon, things on Earth) or directly emitted from, such as stars including our sun. Space is a vacuum, and
Because compared to the air and stuff on earth, space is relatively empty. There's too
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Space is not always dark and in some places the light is so bright and hot that it literally burns up anything that it shines upon. The reason it looks black to us is we can only see light that is reflected towards us. Since most of space lacks objects for the light to hit and reflect the light, it looks black to us.
Space is dark mostly because it is almost completely empty and there are very few large objects to reflect the light back to us when we look into space. We can only see reflected light and there is very little stuff for it to reflect off. You can find more information here: http://www.bbcfocusmagazine.com/qa/why-space-dark
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