Why Is Styrofoam a Good Insulator?


Styrofoam is a good insulator mainly because its plastic foam contains billions of trapped gas bubbles. The gases hinder conduction of heat because their molecules are very far apart, thus making it difficult for other molecules to collide. When molecules collide, they either take away or give energy. Another good insulator is the polystyrene plastic in between the bubbles. Its molecules are so big such that they cannot move much, hindering heat transfer.
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Heat is actually the movement of particles inside a material. For a hot object to cool down, heat has to leave it and move off into the environment. It can do this in three ways:
Styrofoam is such a great insulator because it has little air pockets that hold the heat in or the cold in. So long. WItrapper.
Styrofoam is made of millions of tiny air sacks or
Cotton can be a good insulator -- it slows down both convective and conductive heat loss because it holds air in and around its fibers. However, when cotton gets wet, the hollow fibers
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Why Is Styrofoam a Good Insulator?
Styrofoam, or polystyrene foam, is a petroleum-based plastic foam with exceptional insulative properties. Styrofoam is 95% air, allowing it to trap warm air and prevent heat loss when used as insulation in a building or a disposable coffee cup. The... More »
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