Why Is Television Called an Idiot Box?


A television is also known as a TV for short. It is a telecommunication medium for receiving and transmitting moving images that can be black and white or colored with or without the accompaniment of sound. Televisions have been commercially sold since the 20s. A television is a common thing in institutions, homes, and businesses. The actual television set is called an idiot box because of the time people waste watching television. It replaces actual conversations and exercise for people.
Q&A Related to "Why Is Television Called an Idiot Box?"
The television set is not idiot, it is referring to the people watching it. Actually its not the idiot box but, the people watching it that are the idiots. They become idiots because
It was called that by some (mostly old people) because they believed watching too much TV would rot the brain, make you stupid, and make you lazy. The term was coined in the late
It is called an idiot box because there is nothing that the viewer does except to watch a bunch of perople doing some funny things. There is no ionvolvement from the side of the viewer
Good point.
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