Why Is the African Elephant Endangered?


There are several reasons why the African elephants endangered. One of them is because poachers kill them for their ivory tusks. The decrease of elephant's habitat is also another reason why they are endangered.
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Poaching was the cause of destruction of elephant species. The African bush elephant, the larger of the two African elephants, is not endangered, but considered "Vulnerable"
1. Take an eco-tour that includes elephant viewing. You might go on a traditional safari or opt for a photography tour. Either way, money from eco-tourism helps to convince governments
Actually they are near threatened, not endangered. Poaching for ivory and meat is the major cause of the Elephants decline. Illegal hunting is still a significant reason in some areas
All animals are part of the food chain, you can talk about how one dying will effect the rest of the animal kingdom, maybe even us. Plus, they are beautiful and helpful animals, they
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The biggest reason that the African Elephant is endangered is because of poaching. Elephants are killed solely for their tusks or as trophies in large numbers.
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