Why is the Bible so important to Christians?


The Bible is important for Christians because it is the word of God. Being our Creator and Redeemer, no one knows us better than Him. The bible has the principles and guide rules on how to live a perfectly spiritual life and in the end make it to heaven.
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The Bible is the Word of God. We can use it to find our way back to God. It also tells the true account of the beginning of the World.
In addition, if I might please add, the Bible is indeed, undoubtedly the Divine Word of God for Christians-- in other words, written by humans but IS the inspired Word of God as revealed
Kingsley, The Bible is an important book for Christians and non-Christians alike. It isn't a history book or a science book - it's a book on how to live a life of faith. Any situation
The history of Holy Week is rooted in remembrance of events leading up to Jesus Christ's death by crucifixion and ultimate resurrection celebrated on Easter morning. According to
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The bible is important to Christians because it is the word of God f. Christians read the bible to reflect on their lives and what is needed of them by God.
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