Why Is the British Constitution Unwritten?


The British Constitution is unwritten because it has no single document which states principles and rules of a state. However, it clearly sets out how political power is allocated and where it is legally located. It also defines composition and powers of the main offices and institutions of the state.
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The British constitution was not written so there is no sort of documentation. So when declaring independence and creating a constitution for this "union" the colonist were
However, the word "unwritten" is something of a
What unwritten constitution? If there is one, then it's important for the same reason a blank check drawn from Donald Trump's account is important to a person who wants some money.
We do have a constitution. It's just not written in one place. I love how people assume a written constitution is some kind of benchmark for being a modern democratic state. Far from
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The British constitution is unwritten because it allows for flexibility and change to occur without too many problems. Amendments to the constitution are made by having a majority support in both the Houses of Parliament which is then followed by the Royal Assent.
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