Why Is the Field of View Brighter under Low Power?


The fields of view is brighter under low power when using a microscope. This is because less photons are being seen when the power is increased. Under low power, there is 'more light' that is visible.
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The field of view is much smaller under higher power. Smaller field of view means fewer photons per second moving toward your eye.
You can see less under high power because it focuses on a smaller part of the specimen, but in more detail than low power.
1. Prepare the sample and mount it onto a microscope glass slide. Check that the correct mounting fluid or medium is used as this will affect how clearly the sample can be seen under
Why must you center and focus the object in the field of view under low pressure before switching to higher pressure on a
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Moving the letter e to the center of the low power field before changing the viewing to the higher power insures that the item will be centered for proper viewing ...
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