Why Is the Great Barrier Reef Important?


The Great Barrier Reef is important as it provides a home to 1500 species of tropical fish and 400 types of hard and soft coral. The reef also acts as a protective habitat by absorbing strong waves that may threaten marine life. Hard coral on the reefs is currently being experimented with as a treatment for cancer and possibly AIDS.
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as it is one of natures beautys.
It provides the habitat for many animals which then spread further out into the food chain off the reef.
The coral in the Great Barrier Reef is dying at an alarming rate, thanks to what people are doing to it. You may not think that coral is very important, but the coral is what sustains
1. Begin in Cairnes. Located in north Queensland, Cairnes is considered the diving capital of the Barrier Reef, as it is closer to the coast there than further south. So in addition
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The Great Barrier Reef is important because it's the habitat of many kinds of plants and animals. It also protects the nearby shoreline from breaking waves. You can find more information here: http://terrax.org/teacher/lessons/australia/reef/reeffacts.aspx
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