Why Is the Nickname for Margaret Peggy?


The nick name of Margaret is Peggy because it was common in the middle ages to exchange Ps for Ms in nicknames. Thus Margaret or Meg was transformed into Peg or Peggy. The same exchange can be seen with Polly, a common nickname for Molly.
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It's just a (slightly weird) tradition, same as Polly is a nickname for Mary and Patty is a nickname for Martha: Dan Smith's answer to Nicknames: Is it Polly a nickname for Paula?
Not sure why, but Peggy is a nickname for Margaret. ChaCha on!!
The name itself is a variant of the obsolete word “margarite,” meaning “pearl” or “precious stone.” It is apparently of ancient Asian origin, filtered
Margaret > Meg > Peg > Peggy. Mary > Molly > Polly.
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Peggy is a nickname for Margaret because in the old Middle Ages it was common to exchange Ps in Ms for nicknames. Margaret was shortened to Meg, Peg or Peggy. The nickname became so popular that it became an independent name.
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