Why Is the Number 7 Lucky?


The number 7 is considered lucky since it is comprised of both the number three and four, which makes it the perfect number. The numbers three and four symbolise the triangle and the square, which are also perfect figures. The number seven also plays an important role in many religions including the Jewish, Islamic, and Christian faiths.
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7 is a holy number in numerous religions (due to the number of the days of the week, probably) In the Mediaeval Christian mysticism for instance, there are 7 Virtues and 7 Deadly
There are many uses of the number 7. Why it's considered lucky is a mystery. God created
There are many opinions. We're thinking lucky 7 because it is the number of perfection in the Bible.
Believing they were part of a greater order, ancient astronomers interpreted the seven visible celestial bodies as deities who influenced and controlled every aspect of their lives.
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The number 7 is considered lucky in many cultures, and may have to do with the fact that in ancient times there were 7 visible planets in the night sky.
7 also has many mathematical and mythological significances.
The level of luck associated with the number seven only depends with different cultures. Western societies associate the number seven with good health, clarity of will, connection with deity, and generally good fortune. The Chinese on the other hand associate number 7 with bad luck. It all depends with different cultures.
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