Why is the sea blue?


The sea is blue because water, in large quantities, is blue. Also, when the light from the sun hits the water, it gets filtered so that redness is absorbed, allowing more of the blue color to be reflected.

Another reason why the sea appears blue is because it reflects the blue color of the sky. Little ocean particles serve as reflective devices, and because the sky surrounds the ocean, the water appears blue. The presence of plant life and algae can cause the sea to appear green, and it may even appear gray when the sky is cloudy. Water that contains large amounts of sediment may appear brown in color.

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The sea is blue because is reflects the color of the sky. The more blue to sky is, the more blue the sea will appear. A more dull sky color makes the water look darker.
In most cases, they say it is the reflection of the sky as water is good at reflecting shapes and obstacles.the depth of the sea and sea bed make it "act" as a sort of mirror
There is no single cause for the colors of the sea. What is seen depends in part on when and from where the sea is observed. Eminent authority can be found to support almost any explanation
Pure water naturally has a very pale blue colour which is why pictures of the Caribbean sea and Mediterranean sea look so clean and blue. However the North sea is usually a greenish
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Water scatters blue light before other wavelengths and also reflects the predominantly blue sky.
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