Why Is the Sea Salty?


Sea water contains salt because as rainwater dissolves minerals as it passes through the soil and percolates through rocks. This occurs in a process known as weathering. The salts and minerals carried to the sea concentrate over time.
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The Dead Sea was discovered by the Israelis sometime around 323 B.C. Located in the Judean Desert area, the Dead Sea is between Jordan and Israel. The weather here is typically sunny
Sea water is full of many dissolved minerals. One of the most plentiful minerals that is disolved in sea water is salt, which makes the water taste salty. This is also the reason
The Dead Sea is salty because it has no outlets. Any minerals which flow into it stay
Do you know where the salt in the ocean comes from? The salt in the ocean's saltwater isn't just sodium chloride - the elements that make up our table salt.Salt" water contains
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The oceans are salty because small amounts of salt from the land areas dissolve in the waters of streams and rivers, and are carried to the sea.
When water evaporates from the oceans into the atmosphere, the salt is left behind. The amount of salt dissolved in the oceans is, on average 3.5 % by weight.
All water, even rain water, contains dissolved chemicals which scientists call ?salts?. Sea water in particular is salty because most of its waters come from the rain and rivers and streams. When the rain hits the ground, salts and minerals from the soil are dissolved in the running water and these minerals then get to the sea via rivers and streams.
Lakes and rivers are mostly filled up by rain water which is fresh. As rivers drain into the sea, it collects with it salts and minerals and deposits it there.
The sea is salty because the river water that drains into seas dissolves some of the minerals found in riverbed rocks through weathering. The ocean floor also contains rocks that get dissolved by ocean water adding to its salinity.
The oceans are salty because when it rains the water runs off the land and collect salt. As the water evaporates, it leaves the salt behind. Fresh water lakes and rivers always get fresh rain water. Since oceans are lowest, salt builds up over time. You can find more information here: http://www.palomar.edu/oceanography/salty_ocean.htm
The sea is salty because of the rivers that flow into it pick up salt from minerals and rocks along the way. When the water evaporates the salt does not. Therefore the sea remains salty.
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Most bodies of water are not salty. The ones that are salty, such as the Great Salt Lake and the Dead Sea, are salty because they have no outlets. All of the ...
The Dead Sea is salty because the bottom of the sea is composed of rocks that dissolve when exposed to water. The bottom of the Dead Sea is so salty that salt ...
Rain water is not salty even when is comes from the sea since salt does not evaporate together with the water. This is because salt evaporates at a slightly higher ...
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