Why Is There Fuzz on a Tennis Ball?


There is fuzz on a tennis ball because it serves many purposes related to game play and durability. It allows players to have more control of the ball. Fuzz also acts as a grip to a player's tennis racket. It also allows the ball to move faster.
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wont slide on rachet.
A fuzzy tennis ball will have more friction with the ground or racket than a
The fuzz in a tennis ball creates more drag through all the fibers, allowing players to have more control over the ball. report this answer. Updated on Sunday, February 05 2012 at
The fuzz is for one reason and one reason only - so that the spin would affect the path of the ball more. If you ever played racquetball, which used the same ball as the one handball
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Why Is There Fuzz on a Tennis Ball?
The fuzz on a tennis ball is there because a tennis ball is repeatedly hit with great force, which causes a great deal of friction on the strings. Find out why the fuzz eventually gets pulled off of a tennis ball with help from a USPTA certified tennis... More »
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