Why Is There No Gravity on the Moon?


The moon has no gravity because it is significantly less dense than the Earth. Because gravity is directly comparative to an object's mass, the Moon has a comparatively weak gravitational field when put together with denser bodies with similar volume.
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The moon does have gravity. It's about one-sixth of the gravity we have on earth. You would weigh less if you were on the moon.
There are two bodies within our solar system that pull on the earth's surface: the sun and the moon. The magnitude of gravitational force between two objects is equal to G * (M1 *
The moon is not actually changing shape, what we see is the earth's shadow blocking a portion of the sunlight reflecting off the moon. The reason it changes is that as the moon orbits
If you're looking for a single, undisputable, correct answer you'll be waiting a long time. The most accepted explanation (the Standard Model) will tell you that gravity is one of
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