Why is there no king of England?


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Succession to the British throne is governed both by common law and statute. Queen Elizabeth II is the present Sovereign of the United Kingdom.
The husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip, will never be King of England because he is not in the line of succession.
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The current monarch is Queen Elizabeth. The oldest child of the ruler succedes their parent to the position. Next in line is Prince Charles, who would be crowned King Charles on his
The current monarch is Queen Elizabeth. The oldest child of the rul...
Technically it was King Egbert of Wessex for a brief period in AD 827, when he ruled over the kingdoms that made up England; however, this came to an end in 886 when London was taken
England hasn't had an exclusive king for about 400 years. In 1945, King George VI (the father of the present queen) was the ruling monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and
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Currently, there is no king in England because the previous king, King George VI, did not have any sons. Upon his death in 1952, Princess Elizabeth, who at the time was at a Royal hunting lodge in Kenya, immediately becomes Queen at the age of 25.
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