Why Is Water a Versatile Solvent?


Water is a very versatile solvent - so much that it is often called 'the universal solvent'. Water is capable of dissolving, or mixing into a solution with, more materials than any other liquid. This is because the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water molecules have a polar arrangement: the hydrogen side is positive, and the oxygen side is negative. This unusual arrangement makes water molecules strongly attractive to many types of molecules.
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Commonly describes as the "versatile solvent", water is a substance that can dissolve almost anything. Because of this, water in nature and in use is rarely pure, and may
Water is the key component of life. Because: All the reactions that take place in the human body take place in the presence of water. Water is the universal solvent. Water is less
Because water has a high polarity. Anonymous
With water as the solvent, osmotic pressure acts to
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