Why Is Water Important in Photosynthesis?


Water is important in photosynthesis since it provides electrons to replace those removed from chlorophyll. Water is usually absorbed by roots and root hairs and trans-located up to the leaves through the xylem tissues in the stem.
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With advent of life on Earth, the process of photosynthesis started. Since the concentration of oxygen was negligible, first photosynthesis took place using hydrogen sulfide and organic
The equation for photosynthesis is: Carbon dioxide + Water - Glucose + Oxygen. CO. 2. H. 2. O - C. 6. H. 12. O. 6. O. 2. So without water photosynthesis cannot happen.
Photosynthesis or, "light put together" is the process
Ultimately, photosynthesis is the process that provides food for the entire world. Each year more than 250 billion metric tons of sugar are created through photosynthesis. Photosynthesis
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Why Is Water Important to Photosynthesis?
Photosynthesis is an important biochemical pathway involving the production of sugar (glucose) from light, water and carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. It is a series of complex biochemical reactions and occurs in higher plants, algae, some bacteria... More »
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