Why Is Water Used for Baptism?


Water is used for baptism as a sacramental in the ceremony itself. Water has three symbolic values in the ceremony. The three values are water cleanses and washes away dirt, it fills everything it enters just as God fills those who are immersed in Him and thirdly, water is a source of life.
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water is used because when jesus got baptised he had his hesd immersed under water. and the christian children are dirty and stinky so they need their first and last washes! heehee.
Recycling water means using less of our existing resources. It is particularly important in states that are drier or experiencing drought conditions such as California and Arizona
To wash away sins.
A shell, or a scallop, with three drops of water symbolizes water baptism in
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Water is used to symbolize cleansing as a way of washing sins away, to die; abandoning life not pleasing God and new life that pleases God. Baptism is the rite by which a baby of adult is welcomed into Christianity.
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