Why do men say hurtful things?


According to psychologists, men say hurtful words and phrases when they overlook or fail to recognize their impact upon another person. Past emotional scars are more difficult to suppress during times of stress or disagreement. Rationalization for word choice further complicates and perpetuates hostile exchanges.

Poorly developed or practiced communication skills lead to a greater degree of hurtful exchanges during conversations. According to Discovery, male and female communication styles develop differently because of the nature of socialization in youth. Girls' friendships focus on making connections. Boys' friendships focus on activities rather than conversation. The inherently different goals in male and female communication influence the amount of communication practice men have by adulthood. With less practice and a different communication style in general, men are more prone to say words that women perceive as hurtful.

The interpretation of words and phrases also impacts the perception of a conversation or exchange. Men and women interpret specific words and phrases differently based upon their communication style. Past experiences and emotional scars also play a role in word choices and interpretation of another person's words. When conversations touch upon complex subjects that involve bitter memories, emotional pain or particularly stressful decisions, communicating in unhealthy or confusing patterns is more likely.

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