Why Must Gametes Be Haploid?


Gametes have to haploid so as to facilitate the union of a sperm cell and an egg cell during fertilisation. The two cells in turn produce a zygote. The fertilized egg therefore contains twice as many chromosomes as each individual gamete.
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It must join with the other gamete to form a diploid number of chromosomes. If it had a diploid number to begin with, the result would be twice the normal amount of chromosomes. A
It is important that our gametes are haploid so that when they
If gametes were diploid, the next generation would have 4 copies of each chromosome, the next generation would have 8, the next would have 16, and very quickly cells would have huge
No steps of meiosis are "skipped" to create gametes. Meiosis in itself is a process that creates gametes. And gametes are always haploid. The gametes are formed when cells
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