What are some safer sex practices?


Having safer sex is anything that you can do that will decrease the possibility of contracting HIV, other diseases, or getting pregnant. This includes using a condom, dental dams, and spermicides. Spermicides, however, will not stop someone from
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1 Choose your sexual partners with care . When you choose a sexual partner, you are choosing someone with whom you are going to exchange bodily fluids, and someone who is going to
wear a helmet and follow this basic principle: DALAD. (Don't Act Like A Dumb*ss)
Don't panic! Safer sex doesn't mean locking yourself in a closet for the next 20 years or staying away from sex altogether. Although you've probably heard it all before , make sure
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To reduce the risk of contracting STDs it is recommended to take precautions and to follow safer sex practices. Using latex condom each and every time you have ...
The reason why men's shirts have buttons on the right side and the women on the left is because of the sex symbolism that has been a practice for a lot of years. ...
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