Why Should We Save Energy?


Saving energy plays a big role in saving the money used in energy extraction. It also helps reducing greenhouse emitions as well as reduction of air pollution that occurs as a result of burning coal.
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1. Save money: Electricity costs lots and lots of money especially in a big place like a school! 2. Reduce air pollution caused by burning coal to generate electricity, and from car
Using less energy at home, such as turning down the heat and using energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances will cause a reduction in your utility bills. According to the EPA,
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By cutting our energy consumption, we are taking less from the environment. However as we are taking less other countries are gaining in wealth by doing the same as what we have done
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We should save energy for a few different reasons. One reason to save energy is to save money. Cutting back on electric, gas, or water use can have a big impact on your monthly bill. Another reason to save energy is to preserve our fossil fuels so they last for our grandchildren and their children. Of course, saving back on energy also decreases additional damage to the ozone layer so there is still an Earth to live on.
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