Why should we save the rainforest?


We should save rainforests because they control the world's weather patterns. The loss of these forests leads to soil erosion and water pollution. Rainforests are important to migrating birds and monkeys that depend on the rainforest habitats.
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Rainforests are the home to many known medicinal plants and abundantly more that
Because the rain forest is a beautiful natural place of calmness and happiness. The rain forests gives us a lot of things such as ; Drugs and medicines New lives and cultures to the
I like to help out with relevent links and such but would prefer you to do your own reading up. You will be better able to make up your own mind then. Here is a good start to ypur
The rainforests are home to the largest number of plant and animal species on land. This makes these ecosystems rich in biodiversity (variety of life). Since the forests are disappearing
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Our world should consider saving the rain forest for several reasons. One is that it provides homes to many species and tearing down trees leaves them with out homes. The list goes on as to the benefits for saving the rain forest. You can find more information here: http://www.hipark.austin.isd.tenet.edu/projects/fourth/rainforests/environment.html
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