Why Should You Feed Garlic to Your Horse?


The main reason why garlic is fed to horses is that it has anti-inflammatory properties, and helps reduce swelling caused by injuries. It is also said to help cleanse the blood and acts as a fly repellent as well. The deterrence of stomach parasites of tapeworms is also another benefit of garlic to horses, although it should not be fed to them in large amounts.
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1. Sprinkle 1 tsp. of garlic powder on the top of the horse's feed. This will allow the horse to experience the taste and smell without being overwhelmed. Continue adding 1 tsp. to
I would not. There is plenty of evidence that garlic is toxic to horses and causes anemia (which may not show symptoms at low doses of garlic or onions) There is no research yet as
1. Design a system of recording weight changes and the feed/exercise given. Software is available for this, but handwritten records are just as effective. Leave some space for other
1 Determine the weight of your horse with the help of a veterinarian or experienced horseman. 2 Multiply this estimated weight by .03 and it will tell you how many pounds of roughage
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