Why Study Psychology?


We should study psychology because it helps us gain self knowledge. In addition, it helps us learn about others, for instance, we may gain insight into personality traits that are different from our own personality traits.
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psychology. it is scientific because it deals with observed behaviour and scientifically proven behaviours.it uses the evidence or research information from scientific laboratories
1. Read your psychology book from chapter one through the final chapter as soon as you can. Read the first two chapters before your first class. Take notes during class; start when
its not prejudice. the left handed brain is slightly different than right handed brains. it essentially introduces another variable that may or may not have any effect on the results
One reason to study social work is the chance it offers to impact people's lives. Social workers interact with individuals, families and organizations within their communities to
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You should study psychology if you are very interested in the ways people think, feel, and behave or the reasons why people think, feel, and behave the ways they do. Psychologists help provide a medical insight into the way people act and why.
A psychology is a study to understand how the mind works and process the information in a certain way under given circumstances. It helps to be aware of our actions and personalities.
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