Why Take An Apical Pulse?


Medical professionals take an apical pulse when the pulse is too weak to hear elsewhere. An apical pulse is taken by placing a stethoscope over the apex of the heart. The apex is the lower pointed end of the heart.
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1. Provide patient privacy. Assist the patient to sit up or assume a semi-sitting position. Expose the patient's chest. 2. Examine the chest to find the anatomical landmarks for proper
Yes. Under the left breast.
You need a stethoscope and a watch. When you hear your heart, count the beats
apical pulse is the actually heart pulse which is beats why taken more accurate then radial pulse. http://www.brooksidepress.org/Products/O….
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You should take an apical pulse because it is the closest location to the heart where you can determine if something is wrong with the heart rate. The apical pulse is felt or heard over the apex of the heart. The heart beat/pulse here will be stronger than anywhere else in the body.
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