Why was Derek Acorah sacked from "Most Haunted"?


Most Haunted was a British paranormal reality television series. According to News and Star, Derek, who claimed to have psychic powers, was proven to be deceiving the public after falling for a prank set up by the show's parapsychologist Dr. Ciaran O' Keeffe. The doctor had made up a fictional character and arranged with a crew member to mention it to Acorah.
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I've checked around but even his official website has been canceled...but they did keep talking about a book he's putting out,and some other guy....I truly believe that he is see
I watch that show too. I take it as entertainment. I never saw the Live show. They did a spoof on it on SNL saturday night with Hugh Laurie being Derek. That was funny.
because the crew couldnt take his theatrics... or he felt he had become bigger than the show..much like "jezza"
Acorah's final Most Haunted Live appearance was 28-31 October 2005, the Hallowe'en Live from London. Dr Ciaran O'Keeffe's expose of him appeared in the Mirror newspaper on the first
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