Why Was Gandhi Arrested?


Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi has been arrested on three occasions. In the year 1918, he was arrested for creating unrest amongst villagers in a bid to improve their living conditions. In 1922 Mahatma was arrested once again for promoting boycotts and charged with sedition, being jailed for 2 years. He was later arrested in 1942 for obstructing British efforts in World War II.
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He created boycotts of not buying salt from the British. Also he treated the Muslims good. Because of all his hard work, India got its Independence; August 15th.
In August of 1942, Gandhi and his supporters were jailed for obstructing British efforts in World War II. He was released in May of 1944, and 100,000 of his fellow Indians were freed
To understand Gandhi's greatness, try uniting people in your neighborhood for any good cause, and you will see how difficult it will be. Some will even accuse you of hidden motives
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