Why was JFK So Popular?


John F. Kennedy was very popular become he was fair and just. His desire was to work hard for the people and he cared not just about those in the upper class but he really cared for those in lower class as well.
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He was young and good looking. He appealed to peoples' fancies and imaginations. Also, he was a civil rights supporter.
JFK was so popular because he lowered taxes, worked with Dr. King on civil rights (which
Because he was a young man (46 years old) when he was murdered. Combine that with a very popular wife and 2 small adorable children, TV's decision to follow the assassination and
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JFK was so popular because he was a good man that had a tragic end to his life. While riding in a motorcade in a convertible with his wife, Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed the 35th President on November 22, 1963.
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