Contributions of Joseph Lister?


Joseph Lister, who lived between 1827 and 1912, was an English surgeon who pioneered discovered the antiseptic process in surgery. Before the use of antiseptics by Lister, many people died of infection due to unsanitary conditions during surgery and during childbirth, both in private homes and in hospitals.
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it was important because before him people were dying from surgery because the wounds got infected. so he invented phenol to clean the tools and wounds.
Sir Joseph Lister is called "The Father Of Modern Surgery". From 1827-1912 he
In my opinion, it was easily Joseph Lister. The introduction of antiseptic techniques saved countless lives. Anesthesia made medical procedures less painful, but antiseptics made
In Science and the Practice of Medicine in the Nineteenth Century (1994) William F. Bynum maintains that nineteenth-century science shaped modern medicine, especially in the areas
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