Why Was Kielder Reservoir Built?


The Kielder reservoir is in Northumberland in the north east of England. It is an artificial reservoir that was built in between 1975 to 1981 and opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1982, to satisfy an expected rise in the demand for water by a growing United Kingdom industrial economy.
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It was constructed between 1975 and 1981.
Kielder Water in Northumberland cost £167m to build and was officially opened by The Queen on 26 May 1982. Largest man-made lake in Europe.
Llanishen Reservoir Location Llanishen, Cardiff, Wales Coordinates 51°31′43″N 3°10′21″W / 51.52861°N 3.1725°W / 51.52861
The size of a reservoir is measured by the capacity of water it holds and on that parameter Kielder Reservoir is the largest in the United Kingdom. It holds two hundred billion litres
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