Why was Martin Luther famous?


Martin Luther is well known as the Father of Protestantism, and he is famous for initiating the Protestant Reformation and changing the course of Western civilization. He spread the teaching that all men are equal and that people can only receive salvation when they attain true faith in Jesus.

Martin Luther was a German monk, theologian, priest, church reformer and university professor. He challenged the papacy and stated that the Holy Bible is the only real source of Christian doctrine. His theological views became his legacy. One of his most notable works was the "95 Theses of Contention," a list that contained 95 issues of heretical theology and crimes of the Roman Catholic Church. His work accused the Roman Catholic Church of heresy and propelled numerous people to become reformers. Luther was also the first person to paraphrase the Bible into a commonly spoken German dialect.

About.com explains that Martin Luther is one of the most prominent theologians in Christian history, as he was responsible for starting the Protestant Reformation. Some Christians during the 16th century regarded him as a pioneering defender of truth and religious freedom. Others considered him a heretic leader of a religious revolt. Many Christians agree that he greatly influenced the Protestant movement in Christianity.

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He was famous for being a protestant. Martin Luther was a German monk and theological professor who became angry with the church practice of "indulgences" (the pardoning
Martin Luther, (November 10th, 1483 - February 18th, 1546) was famous for the
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Martin Luther
Without quite intending to, Martin Luther changed the course of Christianity and Western history. His 1517 complaint against specific abuses in the Roman Catholic church -- a document now known as the 95 Theses -- sparked the explosive Protestant Reformat... More »
Born: November 10, 1483, Eisleben, Germany
Died: February 18, 1546
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