Why was perfume invented?


Religious ceremonies are usually the reason given for why perfume was invented. Incense was used in ceremonies and this later led to the creation of wearable scents. Men and women have used perfume for centuries.
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It used to be typical for people to shower every month. To shower every day was seen as absurd. So, to cover up the stench of the month's [and eventually, fortnight's] turmoils, perfume
The perfume was invented because Women in the early ages put on white make-up on their faces everyday, because of this their skin began to rot but to hide the smell they invented
The earliest usage of perfume is traceable to ancient Egypt where the citizens shaved their heads and placed a bit of scented animal fat under their headdress. During the day, heat
Egyptians were the first to incorporate perfume into their culture followed by the
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Perfume was invented because back in the olden times women only took one or two baths a month. So they would have some serious body odor. The perfume helped to hide some of the body odor.
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