Why Was Propaganda Used?


Propaganda is a form of communication that is meant to manipulate the approach of a community toward some cause or position so as to benefit oneself. It was used especially during the war in order to weaken the enemy's will to fight or belief in their government.
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Propaganda can be very useful in the sense of televesion or the radio ect. instead of manipulating you it can help you decide on what you wanna do.
Propoganda serves to unify a population towards a common goal without debating issues.
1. Teach your guerrillas how to properly articulate your message. A guerrilla politically aware of why he is fighting can articulate his struggle to others and potentially convert
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Propaganda is mainly used because it is a political jargon. Propaganda is a one-sided communication form, which is designed to influence people's thinking and actions. It provides a pleasant feeling, such as a sense of importance or of belonging.
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Propaganda was used in World War One to ensure that people only got to know what their governments wanted them to know. By doing this, all forms of information ...
Nazi's burnt books since they contained propaganda, contradicting the things the Nazi's desired the people to believe. By burning the books, the public would have ...
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