Was Ray Charles born blind?


Ray Charles was not born blind, but his vision gradually worsened from 5 years old until he became blind at the age of 7. Although no diagnosis was made, it is generally believed that untreated glaucoma caused his blindness.

The tragedy of blindness enabled Charles, who came from a very poor family, to attend a state-sponsored deaf-and-blind school on a charitable basis. He had demonstrated an interest in music since he was 3 years old, and the school presented him with an opportunity to receive a formal music education. He learned to read and write music in Braille and to play several instruments, including the piano and trumpet.

Q&A Related to "Was Ray Charles born blind?"
Some believe that trachoma is most likely the cause of Charles' blindness as childhood
I recently saw a film on Ray Charles and he was told to be loosing his eyesight around the ages of 7and8.
because he was the first prominent figure of soul music. he was the first musician to be known to put rhythm and blues together.
Although the young Ray began to lose his sight at the age of five, not long after witnessing his brother's drowning, his eventual blindness by the age of seven was medical, not traumatic
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