Why was the Church so important in the Middle Ages?


The medieval church was of great importance in England during the middle ages. The church was organised like a government with laws and it also dominated everybody's life which included total control.
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In medieval times, religion was the #1 central thing to life. Religion was your culture, your education, your beliefs, everything. These were sad times and people relied on religion
During medieval times, people were afraid of death and dying and actually had an obsession with the macabre. People used to go around selling random body parts (which other people
There is a word for this. Western culture (especially North American and Northern European) and Eastern Asia is. Monochronic. while regions like Latin America, Arabia, Southeast Asia
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The Medieval church was important because it was believed that those who did not follow its teaching would be cast to hell regardless of their stature. Its followers were required to offer a 10th of their earnings to the church as tithe and this made the church very rich and powerful to the point that it often influenced kings to do as they wanted.
The church was important in medieval times because it was the single and the most unifying structure. It touched the heart of all of the medieval people and it was their culture, education, and beliefs. Medieval times were sad times and people relied on religion as their saviour.
In medieval times, the church was important because it provided welfare to the poor, had hospitals, gave hospitality to poor travellers and distributed alms. The church was an ever present facet of the average man's life, from baptism, to marriage and finally to death. It supported and structured every single person.
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