Why was the Titanic built?


The Titanic was built to boost tourism in Ireland. It was designed and built at the Harland and Wolf shipyard in Belfast. It was the most luxurious liner in her class. Belfast was a thriving industrial city with a population of around 390,000.
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The Titanic was completed on March 31, 1910. She was built as a luxury liner for the White Star Cruise Lines. The Titanic was primarily built in order to make money selling voyages
To make money for the company that owned it. It was to be the largest, fastest, grandest ship of all- and people would want to pay to travel on the Titanic.
I'm not sure, but it was built by professionals who wanted to make big money out of it, then they names it "unsinkable", then, sadly, it sank.
The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of France to the United States, according to Statue of Liberty Foundation, "in recognition of the friendship established during
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The Titanic was built to carry British and US mail, general cargo and frozen meat, and to convey first-class passengers in luxury, second-class passengers in comfort and third-class passengers with economy.
It was also built to fly the flag of Great Britain and uphold national honor.
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Titanic was a British passenger liner that was built by the Harland and Wollf company. The ship began being built o March 31 1909 and took 26 months to complete ...
Titanic was so important because it was the largest and most luxurious manmade object afloat. About 15,000 men took part in the construction of the ship. She cost ...
The Titanic had eleven floors and cost 1,500,000 pounds to build. The Titanic was a luxury ship which was labeled as unsinkable by the White Star Line which built ...
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