Why doesn't Whoopi Goldberg have eyebrows?


Whoopi Goldberg has stated in interviews that she doesn’t like her eyebrows because they itch, so she shaves them off. She has done this ever since she was a kid.

According to a video interview on VH1, Whoopi Goldberg has stated that she doesn’t like when her eyebrows itch. She says that this happens whenever she lets them grow in. As a result, she shaves them regularly. According to IMDB, Whoopi’s dreadlocks and lack of eyebrows are now an iconic part of what people remember and recognize about her. Rumors were going around on the Internet that she had a disease that made her lose her hair, but these are completely unconfirmed. The actress still has the rest of her hair as well, so this is likely just a rumor. Whoopi has made jokes about her eyebrows before, claiming that the wind whipped them off of her head when she was a child. Whoopi Goldberg is known for having a strong sarcastic sense of humor, however, so this story should be taken with that in mind. Given then Whoopi is never seen with eyebrows, it is likely that she shaves them off on a regular basis to keep that area clean.

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Why Whoopi Has No Eyebrows I believe that she suffers from a common disorder known as Alopecia. It is probably the third most common form of hair loss dermatologists see. The lifetime
Whoppi suffers from a common disorder known as Alopecia, the third most
Whoopi Goldberg has been without eyebrows ever since childhood she suffers from a form of Alopecia.
She doesn't like eyebrows, she actually shaves them off. (If she had alpoecia she wouldn't have hair on her head either.
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