Why Won't My Avocado Tree Fruit?


There can be several reasons why your avocado tree won't fruit. The reason could be the age of the tree. If the tree is very old it may not fruit. Also, it could be the weather. Cold conditions will not allow the tree to fruit either.
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Avocado trees do not produce fruit for many years. Some take anywhere from 10 to 15 years to fruit. Different varieties will mature at different rates. Avocados that are grown inside
The avocado tree did very well for several years. Last year there were no avocados. This year it flowered but has not started any avocado. I live in West Los Angeles. I feed the .
Because the fruit is too heavy for the branch and avocados only ripen once haversted.
The avocado tree typically can produce up to about one million flowers but will only typically set about 100 to 200 fruit per tree.or in other words, 1 fruit in 10,000. Sometimes
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The most common reason an avocado tree won't bare fruit is due to how it was planted. You would need to know if your tree seed was grafted. You can find more info at: www.willsavocados.com
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