Why Won't My Computer Start up?


There are several reasons why a PC may refuse to start, which can be either technical or other problems. Primary reasons why computers refuse to start include power supply failures, if a computer crushes; hence, necessitating a fresh installation of the operating system, booting errors, and bios problems. Therefore, depending on the error message that a computer will show, it is important for an individual to troubleshoot and establish the real cause of the problem, before doing anything.
Q&A Related to "Why Won't My Computer Start up"
it could be a couple of things one the battery could be dead or your computer could have froze but if your smelling like it is burning it is either over heating or the wires are burnt
If your slowdown occurred immediately after installing new software or after applying an update, it could have been due to these updates. Try restarting your computer again and see
Is the power on? Is it giving you an error message? If so, what is the error
Starting issues are almost always linked to one of the following problems: Your starter motor won't turn over. When you turn the key, do you hear a crank turning? It should be relatively
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