Why Won't My Eyes Focus?


Accommodative Dysfunction is a visual disorder in which the eyes won't focus together. People with normal functioning eyes can use their eyes individually and together to bring objects clearly to their eyes. Blurred objects can be brought together in a clear image if much concentration an effort is put forth. I had this disorder and attended vision therapy to teach my eyes to work together once more.
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Actually signals from the eye cortex is sent to the brain to tell your eyes to focus on something. Light goes through the retina to the optic nerves that's why light hurts our eyes
Start by taking a good look at the large object you have selected. The object can be a piece of artwork, a poster or even a picture hanging on the wall. It can even be a sign. The
Most of it is just the shape of the eye (spherical with a concave cornea) the final fine focus is an opposing set of muscles which distort the shape of the lens.
1 Get eye exams and ask about the available solutions, and consider the traditional options: glasses, contacts, LASIK** (which may improve near vision in one eye, called monovision)
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