My Goldfish Won't Eat?


Your goldfish not eating is a sign that the fish is sick. It could also be a sign of stress. Check that the fish does not have any parasites like ich on its skin and change the water in the tank. You can also add some aquarium salt to the water, and try feeding the fish some different food.
Q&A Related to "My Goldfish Won't Eat?"
Along with fish food, goldfish also like to eat algae and lichen growing on stones and rocks. Aquarium gravel can contain air pockets where this marine plant life can grow. If a goldfish
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Goldfish SHOULDN'T eat from the surface, if they gulp air the same time as their food they can get some serious digestive disorders! Goldfish food should sink before they eat it,
No, if you only got them yesterday then there probably a bit shy. Most fish wont eat when your about and will eat when your gone. There is nothing to be worried about there probably
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