Why Your Lips Turn Blue?


There are several causes to blue lips including exposure to extreme cold or high altitude. Blue lips might also be caused by chronic underlying conditions that cause a decrease in blood oxygen levels such as asthma, lung cancers, pneumonia or pulmonary hypertension.
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When you are cold the blood sort of starts to freeze and it stops flowing through your lips so they turn blue.
The three main reasons for your lips turning black are tea, coffee, and smoking. An average of 2 cups of coffee or tea a day should be fine, but you will need to quit smoking for
Blue-tinged lips can also be a sign that your blood has become oxygen-deprived from
1. Wrap an ice pack in a paper towel and place the ice pack on your lip for about 20 minutes every other hour. The towel will prevent the pack from getting too cold on your lip. Icing
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Your lips could be turning blue due to exposure to extreme cold or high altitude. Blue lips can also be caused by chronic underlying conditions such as: asthma ...
Your lips may be turning blue due to a condition known as cyanosis. This condition occurs when the blood flowing into your lips has inadequate oxygen. The causes ...
Blue lips are as a result of extremely cold temperatures or lack of oxygen in the blood. Choking, lung diseases and when you are at a high altitude can cause blue ...
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