Why Zoos Should Not Be Banned?


Zoos should not be banned as they play an important role in ensuring continuity of certain species of animls. Endangered animals are often kept in the safety of zoos where they can breed. Zoos also help educate the public about certain animals and hence encourage them to protect the natural environment.
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1. We like them. 2. They help protect endangered species. 3. They are a great place for people to gain a firsthand appreciation for the divine beauty of nature? 4. With that appreciation
Zoos keep animals in cages. they keep them captive. Animals shouldn't be held in such small areas, they should be free. (think of the movie Madagascar. The reasons Alex the lion wants
Dear Bethany Thank you for your questions. I also wish to thank the authors of the websites and articles I used. Please note that many of the opinions expressed are my own and do
Zoos do a lot of good as far as animal welfare is concerned. The drive through ones (you know, when your car gets trashed by the monkeys) are more than adequate. The smaller contained
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Zoos should not be banned because there is need to protect as well as conserve global biodiversity and wildlife. They normally preserve a number of endangered species animals as well as birds.
Zoos should be banned because all animals should be left to live freely in their own environment. Many animals in the zoos die from sicknesses caused by the unsuitable climate, use of drugs and sedatives, unfamiliar parasites and also contact with humans.
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