Wic Checks?


Once you receive your WIC check from the government, the first thing to do is check the date range for when it can be used, and when it will expire.   You want to make sure to use your WIC check within the period of time indicated for it to be valid. The WIC check will indicate what it can be redeemed for and in what quantity. For example, two bottles of baby formula may be purchased with one WIC check. Once you are done shopping and are about to pay, present the WIC check to the cashier and he or she will indicate the total amount used. The cashier will then hand you the WIC check to sign and may ask you to show identification. The cashier will keep the WIC check after you have signed it, to ensure the store gets paid for the items you purchased with it.
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1. Purchase the allotted items in your WIC benefits food package. Obtain the receipt for your food order from the cashier and take note of the ending balance at the bottom of the
Wic is a program to help Low-income pregnant women or mothers of small children they give them
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